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This is the information and login page page for registered wholesale customers. You can register by mailing in your state or federal business or non-profit ID with your state's sales tax resale or exemption certificate. After registering by mail, you will be emailed the password to enter the wholesale pricing area. No Texas sales tax is charged to registered Texas wholesale customers in this section.

This is a quantity wholesale sales area only.

No Tax is charged to Texas Customers on the wholesale pages, so you must have your Texas Sales Tax number and a Resale certificate on file to purchase through these pages.

Higher Discounts are available on these pages, so there is a minimum.

Minimum order $100.00

Enter Password Below And Click On Button To Enter Wholesale Pages.


Large Quantity Prices on laminated bookmarks as low as $1.35 each

Please Note:

Texas customers need to send in their resale certificate to defer paying sales tax. Since we do not collect sales tax out of state, the small quantity discounts on the Stock Bookmarks Styles page are similar to the starting discounts. If you are just ordering a set available on the Stock Bookmark Styles page, you do not need to register.

Registration is simple, though I'm sorry to say, you will have to use a stamp.

(Yes, snail mail... We need signed copies and I don't want Tax ID's going through email. Regular mail is safer.)

All we need is for you to send us 3 items:

1) The Resale or Exemption form from your state's sales tax comptroller or authority with your number, signed in ink. Please do not send a photocopied signature. It needs to be a filled out original. (Note that we do not need a copy of the actual permit.)

2) Some indication of the business or organization being, dare I say, real. That is, a brochure, letterhead, business card, etc.

3) Your Email address - This is very important since we will email you the password.

Send this information to:

Scott Kilgore Photography 1314 Mulholland Drive Grapevine, TX 76051

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